A week with the Poelman kids.

We stayed with the little kids I used to nanny for 10 days while their parents went on a trip to South Africa. They are pretty easy to entertain and we did a lot of fun things; went to nickel city, visited the aquarium, went to the children's curiosity museum, went swimming, went to the movies....yeah, we had a fun week. I had two constant little helpers--and Navy was used to having someone in her face 24/7 so when we came home I think she wasn't too happy with me not playing with her every second. :) 

Even though we had so many fun planned activities to keep us busy, i have to say my favorite night is the night we went outside and played card games on a blanket in the front yard. The whole neighborhood was letting off fireworks (24th of july) & it was the perfect summer night.  
^^nora and brian are BFFs.
^^they tagged along on our pizza date night. :)

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  1. I love that they now have a sweet connection with Navy, as well as you guys.