Coltrin Reunion

We spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! It's not very often that we all get together, so it was great to have a good reason to. 

We spent friday night having a picnic/cookout in a backyard of some of my family's friends. It was beautiful such a perfect summer night!
^^of course matt had to stop and show navy the mules.

We spent the next day swimming and picnicking at the park. Followed by family pictures & then dinner and a program that my mom put together. We all sat around and told stories about my grandparents and talked about what we admired and loved about them. Then we watched a video of pictures of them and their kids & all of their grandkids. It was so fun to celebrate them and hear them talk about when they dated and were first married.
^^navy would swing all day if i let her.
^^i snagged a cute picture of my grandma lovin' on navy. :)

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  1. What a great backyard! How nice to have the family together. I loved the picture of the girls. So cute!