Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend was our last little hurrah before Bri started school+we got back on a better schedule. My cousin got married on Friday in Manti and we got to go to the sealing. I was so excited because even though i've been to the Manti Pagaent a few times, I had never been inside the Manti Temple. & It was just as beautiful as I'd imagined it would be.  
The next morning we headed to have the Midway Swiss Days experience. I've lived in Utah for almost 7 years and haven't ever gone--but heard so much hype. & Since my parents are not Heber residents we decided we needed to go see what all the hype was about. It was packed-but had the coolest shops and amazing food. We started the morning off with some scones & then wore ourselves out walking around to check everything out. The boys bounced after a while to go golf nine holes-and then met us back for lunch. The famous navajo tacos were pretty amazing--i may go back next year just for the food. :)
Monday Night we headed up the canyon to have dinner with Bri's fam. It was so gorgeous and fun to spend the night with family. & Navy loved being outside. 

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  1. Your Labor Day weekend was awesome! That is really cool that you were in the Manti Pageant. I've been in the Manti Temple, but never to the pageant. Backwards twinners?