8 month old navy

I can't believe it's been eight months. (pretty sure i start off every navy monthly post saying that.) But seriously, time has never flown so fast. Nave is funner than ever and I LOVE having a little partner in crime. We have a blast hanging out all day every day. :)
-I think my favorite thing this month is her cute little wave. She just recently figured out how to wave and does it any time we say "bye" or "hi." I'm amazed at how smart she is, because I didn't even try to teach her how-she just started doing it by herself. It is adorable. The funniest is when she starts waving and then she'll look over at her hand like "wow, that's cool."

-She still isn't crawling-she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back & forth-and can even scoot/army crawl to get something that isn't too far away. (she won't try though if it's really far) She is still usually in the same place I leave her if I ever leave the room and then come back. I just know she's going to figure it out soon and be all over the place, so i'm trying to enjoy the little bit of freedom I have while it lasts.

-Girlfriend loooooves to stand up. She would stand up along the couch/coffee table all day if I would let her. When we are at church she just wants to stand up and hold on the the bench. We went to the circus the other night and it started right at her bedtime (oh joy!) so what we did to keep her happy was let her stand and hold on to the chair in front of us (but it's kind of a lot of work for us because she's still pretty wobbly and could fall down at any second.) She just thinks she is so big.

-She is the most social little thing. She just LOVES to be around people. Like i said, we went to the circus and she could have really cared less about all the lights and sounds that were going on-she only wanted to look around and wave and smile at people. When we go to the grocery store and she's getting sick of it, she'll start whining a little bit, but always stops as soon as she sees someone and then will just smile and sometimes wave. It is her favorite thing.

-She gets pretty upset if I ever leave the room and leave her alone. I think it goes back to her being social, she just likes to have someone right with her at all times.

-She loves looking at herself in the mirror. When i'm getting ready for the day I just sit her in her bumbo & let her talk/wave/kiss herself in the mirror. It gives me plenty of time to get myself ready. :)

^^too good not to share. ha
^^like i said, obsessed with standing.

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  1. I love the monthly updates! I do the same thing you do. Every time I see the post title I think, No way has it been _____ months! Every time.