day to day

^^i take lots of pictures with my little lady.
 ^^having lunch with bri on campus.

 ^^grocery shopping with nave sitting in the cart is so much fun. she loves to smile at everyone we pass.
 ^^we did a mommy & me swimming lesson class this fall. she isn't sure if she she loves the water or not yet. but we still had fun. :)

 ^^bedtime stories with dad.
 ^^kneeling down for family prayer. 
 ^^this is her favorite thing to play with. she figured out how to drink out of it and will drink water all day long. i also think chewing on it feels pretty good on her gums. 
^^ knees!
 ^^it's intramural season. bri is on a football, soccer & basketball team. we love to cheer him on!

 ^^getting serenaded by dad. she loves the guitar.
 ^^we went to a few of mal's soccer games this fall & had fun hanging out with grandma. :)
 & we go visit grandpa at work every so often!

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