Pumpkin Pickin'

We are obsessed with fall over here!! I'm a little overexcited about it, and make Brian do all of the fun things with me. (a couple of times) :) And everything has been  even more fun with Nave this year. I get anxious about everything because fall never lasts very long-just a few short weeks before it's too cold to hang out outside in the evenings anymore, so I feel like I have to take advantage of almost every fall evening. :) 

So, we went to a few different pumpkin patches with friends. You need to try them all out to see which is the best one, right? ;) Navy girl just LOVED being outside-she also loves her little pumpkin we picked for her. Well, mostly she loves trying to chew on the stem.

We went to Jakers in Springville for FHE with the Burtenshaw's. It was free to get in (which is a huge plus, am i right?) And they just charged for the pumpkins. We had some fabulous doughnuts & had fun walking around doing our thing. They also take you on a hayride around the patch. I never get a group picture when we hang out with the Burtenshaw's...but at least I got one with Jace & Navy. 

& then on Saturday went spent the afternoon at Rowley's Red Barn with the Jensens. It is the cutest little Barn in Santequin that sells lots of treats (apples, jam, ice cream, douhnuts, etc.) & you can ride on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch where they have lots of fun things to do. We'll definitely be going again next year.

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  1. What fun! I had the coolest thing happen when I got to the picture of you and Nave and the sun setting. The smell of fall in Utah came into my head. It was lovely!