A good day.

Teething has been giving me a run for my money lately. It's hard to see your happy/always content baby be miserable all the time. The last couple of weeks she hasn't really been happy unless i'm holding her--which any mama knows is hard. Hard to get anything done & hard to not get worn out pretty fast. Thankfully our one saving grace is standing-she's always happy when she's standing. So I've been letting her stand up all day, every day. 

She still hasn't popped out a tooth-so I have a feeling we're in this for the long haul & the teething is going to last forreever. But this week has been a lot better & today was such a good day. We didn't do anything really out of the ordinary, but I think that's what I loved about it, it was just a normal day that was so great. & I just wanted to document it, so that I can remember it.

Nave slept in till 9 which was so weird because she usually wakes up at 7:45- 8:00 sharp. I didn't get up to go to the gym this morning, so I enjoyed a little bit of sleeping in. When she finally woke up we spent the morning reading books. I finally gave in and bought a few really cute books I've been wanting to get & Nave loves them. I love reading to her. She gets the biggest smile on her face and always looks up at me (like she wants to see my reaction to each page.) After a couple of pages she usually wants to hold the book herself, so I let her-and she just flips the pages back and forth. She loves it.

 After our books I put her in the bath while we listened to some baby songs. She doesn't like bath time as much as she used to. Actually, she loves the water-just hates when I wash her. So I usually put some songs on and sing to distract her...and today it worked. I always feel accomplished when Navy is all ready for the day by 8:30-even if i'm still my my pjs. :)

After her morning nap we spent the most of our time standing. I like to stand her up by our coffee table because the couch is right behind her, and if she falls it kind of catches her fall & that way I don't have to be hovering behind her the whole time. Well, today she decided she's a big girl and would turn around and grab the couch and then turn back around to grab the coffee table. She would smile at me every time she did it-because she knows she's pretty big stuff. And she would also wave at me every so often....and point. Pointing is her new thing-her little finger in the air kills me.

After our coffee table fun we played the guitar-which she always loves. I play a few songs and sing for her and then she wants to get her hands on it. She hits the strings and makes noise-she could do it for hours, I think it's so cute. After her afternoon nap we headed out the door for a walk with our friends. My neighbor has a little girl a couple of weeks younger than Navy-it's fun to hangout with moms & babies the same age. Then we played outside on the grass while we waited for Brian to come home for dinner, it was 75 degrees and beautiful. After dinner we headed to watch Bri play soccer-we love being his cheerleaders.

Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary. But it was a pretty good day. I sure love my little sidekick.
^so proud of herself!
^^telling sophie what's up :)

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  1. It's nice to read about an ordinary day, especially since so many of them are. Hope that tooth pops out soon, and the rest don't take quite so long!