Sundance & Idaho

We stayed up in Heber last week to be the parents to my little sisters while my mom and dad went to Hawaii for the week. Which made for a lot of driving through the canyon from Provo to Heber. Driving through the canyon is currently GORGEOUS & the perfect fall colors only last for about 2 weeks in Utah-so you have to get the timing just right. We were planning on leaving friday night to go up to Idaho for the weekend-but I talked Brian into riding the lift up at Sundance so we could see all the fall colors before we left. It was the perfect fall activity. My pictures don't really do it justice (since i'm definitely not a photographer.) It was a little chillier than we were expecting, but we had fun-even though navy kicked her shoe off never to be seen again halfway up the mountain. :)
^^Navy mid-whine. she was mad she couldn't move around as she pleased.
mal & her friend carlee joined us.

And a few picutres from Eden's baby blessing day!

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  1. Sorry about the shoes, although I have to admit I smiled when I read that Navy had kicked them off halfway up the mountain. Beautiful pictures!