grateful for my Nave.

I find myself thinking everyday about how lucky I am to have had this little girl sent to me. & that I get to spend all day everyday with her. I thought by now I would maybe be over it, since she's been here almost a year, but I'm just not. It sounds so cliche-but she seriously just makes everything so happy. I love the spirit she brings to our home. I just love my little sidekick. I love that she follows me around all day. I love that she jabbers so intently to me (or at me) like she's telling me something really important. I love that she wants to be doing everything I'm doing-whether it's brushing my hair, doing the laundry, or playing the guitar-you better believe she is right there trying to do it too. Mostly I love how happy she is to see me in the morning, or after a nap. I don't think I'll ever get tired of walking into her room & seeing her standing there with the biggest smile on her face. & then she quickly starts jabbering-because she has so much to tell me since the last time she saw me (when I put her down for her nap.) oh navy girl, you make my days so happy. 

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