Birthday Weekend

This years birthday was one for the books! Mostly because absolutely nothing went according to plan--but i still got to hang out with everyone I love, so I'm not going to complain.

The weekend before my mom suggested we all make a trip to Idaho. We'd go to the play 'Scrooge' & then stay at my grandpa's house that he has up in the mountains. The whole family was going to go, so we were pretty excited. And my mom was excited to celebrate Matt & I's birthday all together as a fam. The play was great, except for a 10 month old that didn't want to sit still--out babysitter plans fell through last minute. So Brian and I took turns hanging out in the lobby + catching as much of the play as we could. Oh-and I almost forgot to mention, Navy was crawling out in the lobby and as I squatted down to grab her (famous mom squat I call it) my pants ripped. I'm not talking a little hole-I'm talking like a rip alllll the way down the seam. Oh joy. Thankfully I had on a fairly long shirt-oh and a diaper bag that I could cover it up with. (All I can think about in those situations is how mom life is so glamorous.) ;)

The play got out late and we headed up the mountain to sleep. To make a long story short-it was snowy, freezing and WINDY-and the brand new snow was not kind to us. After getting two of our SUV's stuck about half mile away from the house and not being able to get them out after trying for a solid hour or so-we decided that we would cut our losses and head home. That meant all 15 +plus two baby car seats piling into the suburban for the 30 minute drive home. We piled in-said a prayer-and were on our way. Well, until we got that car stuck. But with a stroke of good luck + 4 boys (and me) pushing we somehow got out. (and lets be honest, it was probably mostly because of that prayer.) We rolled home at about 2:30 am-and the boys had to head right back up the next morning to dig out the other two cars. It was sort of terrible, but fun at the same time? We just kept saying to ourselves..."we
're just making memories." And thank goodness for the cookies Lis had brought-We had them for a midnight snack and it kept everyone happy. (oh & the babies were all ANGELS-including Navy who was awake for it all! But really, they couldn't have been better.)

Since most of our plans fell through we spent the day at my grandparents house and just laid low. I couldn't have been happier-I love spending time at their house. We did have dinner and some delicious cake thanks to my mom-and then got back on the road to head home. It was a short trip-and kind of crazy, but I'm still so glad it happened. Going back home to Idaho is always so good for my soul, I miss that place a little too much sometimes.

On Sunday Stef hosted a Friendsgiving dinner. As always we love hanging out with my friends. It kind of feels like the good ol days when we were just dating and Bri just hung out with us as the only guy basically 24/7. :) We ate some delicious food, played some games and took some pictures.  
The day of my actual birthday (monday) Bri had to be at school all day. BOO. Well, he said he had to, but was able to leave a little early and meet Nave and I for lunch. We hit up Zupas and then target then headed home for a nap. It seems lame, but there aren't many things I like more than having Brian home for an afternoon, we usually don't see him until waay after the sun goes down-so it was a pretty good day. 

We dropped Nave off at her grandma's house and headed to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. After dinner we were doing some shopping when Bri's mom called and said that she hadn't really settled down and had been crying the whole time we were gone. (so unlike her) So we headed home to find a really happy (but awake!) baby. They had given her some motrin and she was happy as can be. But since it was already pretty late and Nave had a fever we decided to head home. (the next day is when we saw her tooth-which explained everything) So, we ended the night at home with our cheesecake and a movie. Like I said, not quite like birthdays in the past--but I couldn't help but be grateful for Bri and our little babe who was sound asleep upstairs.

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