10 month old Nave

We have a ten month old on our hands! I feel like this month Navy learned a ton and started doing a lot of new things. She has been so much fun! And here is the list:

+Talks to me all day long. She always has something to say! (wonder who she got that from) :) I watched my friends little girl a couple of days ago (she is about a  month younger than Nave) and Navy just talked and talked excitedly the whole time she was here. It was hilarious.

+She loves to play with/grab my hair. She usually does this when she's nursing...sometimes she'll pull it, but mostly she just likes to go through it with her hands.

+Finalllly popped out a tooth! I finally noticed that her gums had a little break in them and then she had a really bad day teething wise (accompanied by a fever one night) But it finally was worth it because that next morning I could see her first little tooth. (11/18)

+Does the silliest light fake laugh all day long. If somebody (and I mean anybody) laughs--she scrunches her nose and laughs back at them. I also hear her talking and then cracking herself up when she is playing alone. I'll hear her jabbering away and then giggle at the end. It just might be my favorite thing she's ever done.

+Learned how to crawl up the stairs. This one kind of blew me away since I didn't even try to teach her how she just did it one day. She was just over playing by/standing on the stairs and I walked over to see that she had gone up one stair. I thought it was just a fluke, but a couple of days later she just kept crawling and climbed all the way up to the top. (11/18) She still hasn't quite figured out how to go down, so I get to supervise her on the stairs all day since it's her favorite thing to do. (she likes it more than the guitar now, and that's saying a lot)

+Graduated to a big girl car seat! She screamed every time we put her in her old one-so we went and looked around for a new one (I knew basically what I wanted, but we wanted to go look at it at the store) We put her in it and she LOVED it. She screamed when we took her out. So we bought it, and were planning on waiting to put her in it on her first birthday, but caved (after reading that you could put anyone over 5 lbs in it) I'm so glad we did because she loves it.

+She has finally mastered eating by herself-which has been so nice for me! I can just put little pieces of food in front of her and let her go to town. And she does! Her new favorite thing is filling both fists and then shoving as many pieces of food in there as she can-which is sometimes sort of terrifying, but those babies gag reflexes are sure strong I tell ya! (her favorite things to feed herself are string cheese, grapes, and bread) And her all time favorite is still oatmeal and rice cereal.

+She still gives the cutest kisses mostly on command. (unless she's sick of it.) But will usually make the rounds and give everyone a kiss before she goes to bed.

+Has been a little snuggler lately.  She has started falling asleep when I rock her at night and I am LOVING it. And every once in a while she crawls up to me and puts her head on my shoulder meaning she wants a hug. (mostly she just likes that I squeeze her so tight-she giggles every time.)

+Met Elder & Sister Bednar. We went to my parents ward for thanksgiving & when I took Navy out in the middle of sunday school they were just walking out after attending our sacrament meeting. Sister Bednar introduced me to Elder Bednar (They know my mom & dad and my dad had introduced me to her earlier) and he was so nice. Navy of course put the flirt on and was smiling and waving at them like crazy--it was kind of a fun experience.

+ Goes number two in the tub almost everyday. I give her a bath every  morning when she wakes up, and apparently her bathroom schedule is just right on with her bath schedule. Not my favorite...

+Her most recent trick is shaking her head no. (she's not doing it to say no, she just does it for fun.) She likes to do it when she's eating.

+Lately i've been noticing that she looks more like a toddler than a baby--i'm trying not to be sad about that.

+Is the pat-a-cake champion.

And now for the picture overload. I just got so many that capture her little personality perfectly + she's doing the things/faces that I never want to forget. Love this baby girl of mine!!

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  1. My Brian loved playing with my hair too. What a cute description of how she cracks herself up! I'm still smiling. Such a delightful girl!