Thanksgiving was awesome. My whole family + grandparents spent the weekend in Heber. It's always great to have the whole fam together. Everyone pulled in wednesday night & we spent the night playing a few minute to win it games. Boys vs. Girls of course. I think the boys spanked us-but we had fun.
^^mal, doing what she does best.

Thanksgiving morning we ran the turkey trot in Midway. Somehow my mom gets us all to commit every year to run. Sometimes she'll say "You don't get dinner if you don't run." ;) Brian forgot his running stuff in Provo-I say forgot, but i'm not too convinced that he didn't do it on purpose. :) It was the perfect weather, and we had a great run. (I struggled a little bit since I hadn't pushed Navy while running for a couple of months, and the stoller + her was a lot heavier than I remember it being (and those hills didn't help) but we survived.

Our Thanksgiving Feast was delicious, and then we headed out to take some family pictures for the christmas card-we took a fun little hike for those & got some mud on our shoes, but it was worth it. :) oh & then black friday shopping!!
 ^^this is our best attempt at a cousin shot.

^^family pictures wore someone right out. 
^^black friday girl selfie. this was during our snack break.

Friday we had a few aunts + uncles and a whole lot of cousins over for lunch + games. It was like the good ol' days when we used to get together for sunday popcorn. I actually don't think we ever got to the game part since there was so much chatting going on-but there is nothing better! (we also talked quite a bit about taking a group picture, but it never happened.) oops.

Saturday night we headed to Provo to do a session in the Temple. It was especially awesome to have everyone together + my grandparents in the temple. Followed by a little dinner made for a pretty good night.

Aaaand on Sunday we attended church. I used to love going to church in my home ward whenever I was home for the holidays (after moving away for school.) It is a little sad that we don't get to go to our "home" ward anymore. But Elder and Sister Bednar were there, so that was cool. I had to take Navy out during the very beginning of sunday school-and we ran into them in the hallway as they were walking out after sacrament meeting. They were so nice & it was  a highlight of my weekend.


  1. love that pic of mal and jane and eden. and way to document the whole weekend. so much fun

  2. Fun Thanksgiving traditions! Plus the bonus of running into the Bednars. Excellent!