day to day.

^^she kills me in her nikes. 
^^one of the first days she started walking along everything. she thinks she's pretty big stuff.
^^another guitar picture.
^^she loves to stand while holding on to her dresser handles.
^^shopping is hard work.
^^doesn't happen very often--but this is what sad navy looks like! (teething is the worst!)
^^i noticed she kept looking at something and saying "dadada" over again--she found brian in the family picture! she then spent the next 10 minutes looking at it and saying babbling dada some more, it was pretty adorable.
^^finally got a picture of that tooth!!
^she was such a trooper through all of my christmas shopping.
^^jazz game with my dad and bros.
^^waiting in the longest line at the post office to send a package--once again, best errand buddy!

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  1. ALL her shoes are as adorable as she is! So much fun.