Intramural Sports

Brian is the king of intramural sports at BYU. Always on a team. This fall it was football & soccer as well as being on a city league basketball team. Sadly he quickly realized he didn't have enough time to do the basketball thing too, because it was an hour drive to and from each game. But Nave and I still kept busy cheering him on in his other games. We went to a lot more soccer games because they were usually earlier (didn't interfere with Navy's bedtime) and as it got colder they moved them inside. Hallelujah. I loved having a little buddy to cheer with.

His football team lost in the semi-finals, but his soccer team went all the way and won the championship! It was so exciting. (But really, it was)

^^at the very beginning of the semester-i can't believe how much smaller she was compared to these more recent pictures.
 ^^she would crawl over to bri when he would sub out.
 ^the coveted intramural champs shirt!
 ^^right before this game we had a doctor's visit and the dr told us navy had a double ear infection. (which explains the ear pulling above) but there was not way we were going to miss the championship game. and she was an angel.  I love watching Bri do what he loves!

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  1. I know I should be writing about Brian and his championship, but look at those adorable little Uggs Navy is wearing. So cute!