Bri's Birthday.

When your birthday is on a Sunday-you usually get away with celebrating all weekend long. Which is what we did for Bri's birthday. Somehow this kid ALWAYS convinces me to let him open up his presents early. I had a couple of presents for him, so I let him open one friday, one saturday, and one sunday. Like I said, celebrations all weekend long. :)
Friday night we went out to dinner since our ward party was on saturday night. We chose tucanos & it was a great choice. We hadn't been in a while, which made it even better. We finished off the night with a little clothes shopping for the birthday boy. (Spoiled)

Saturday we didn't really do much-Brian had a soccer game and then we grabbed some breakfast. After navy's nap we decided to head to the outlets to finish up our Christmas shopping. We grabbed some lunch on the way home & laid low until our Christmas party that night. After the party we dropped nave off at home to stay with grandma and mal while we headed to the movie. (Going to the movies is my dear husbands FAVORITE thing. We seriously never go anymore since having nave-so it was a special little treat for is.) :)

We spent his actual birthday at church and then had dinner + cake & ice cream with the Petersons. & We also decorated gingerbread houses. It was a good weekend.
 ^^first time these twins have celebrated their birthdays together in a LONG time!

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  1. What a fun birthday weekend! I love the gingerbread houses!