Eleven Month Old Nave

eleven months.
I am sort of freaking out that nave is a month away from turning 1. Fastest year of my life! It seems like just yesterday that I was super pregnant, christmas was over, january was just starting and I was trying to keep myself busy waiting for her to come. And now christmas is over, its January and i'm thinking about her birthday party.

here are a few of her latest things:

+gives loves. this started with her opening her mouth (giving a kiss) while laying her head on you and saying "ahhhhh." Now she just lays her head down on you whether it be on your leg, or on your shoulder, or leaning her head against your head-and she just holds it there for a few seconds and then smiles at you. it's probably our favorite thing she does at this stage.

+has officially learned how to scream. she doesn't do it often, but every once in a while she lets you know whats up.

+learned how to go down the stairs. she learned how to do this at the beginning of the month and is a pro at it by now. she can fly down the stairs if she wants to.

+jabbers away all day long. she pretty much never stops talking and i love it.

+will throw a tantrum. (when this first happened i wasn't prepared.) you know, if you take something away from her that she wants, she lets you know it. she mostly flails her arms around--and it's pretty hard not to laugh. (it usually just happens when she's tired.)

+can stand up by herself. she CAN, but she usually won't. she's only done it a few times. when she first did it we were skyping brian's brother on christmas day--so the whole family was sitting around the TV, so when she did it everyone was laughing and clapping & so she started clapping too. that lasted about 20 seconds...now when we try to get her to do it she sits down as fast as she can.

+met santa clause and was terrified.

+got her first ear infection. and it was a double ear infection. so fun. with that came her first antibiotic--which didn't work so she got a second antibiotic. which she had an allergic reaction to, but then everything was fine and it went away along with the ear infection. it was a fun couple of weeks. :)

+entertains herself for hours. it's been pretty nice. she'll just play and play and play. mostly on the stairs. or if she is anywhere where she can open and close something over and over. like a cupboard or a door. my in-laws have a gate for their dog that is just her size and she loves to swing it open and close all day long. it's her favorite place to be.

+walks super great and super fast with a walker that she got for christmas. it is so cute.

+is still an amazing eater. some days i can't get her to stop and she just eats all day long. it's amazing.

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  1. She is so grown up, and SO cute! And that rocking lamb is darling.