Our December was so great this year. Christmas is always my favorite-but having Navy around this year made it even better. I really love christmas shopping, it is my favorite thing to do. Nave was my little buddy and we spent lots of time getting all of our shopping done early this year (I say early, but early to me is like the middle of December--I like to get it done early..ish so that I'm not running around on christmas eve trying to find something-but then everything is gone in color/size you need but I really don't do it too early because I love shopping in December since it's just so christmasy and festive. Like I said, I love it.) So I spent a lot of my days finding the perfect gifts for family and wrapping them (also a favorite.) And of course I had a huge list of fun things I wanted to do as a family the month of December--sadly we didn't accomplish even half of our list! (I'm even disappointed at how little hot chocolate we drank at our house) but we still had a lot of fun together. I haven't really ever experienced the month of december without finals in the back of my brain. As much as you want to get into the holiday spirit you're not really free until finals are over. This year was so refreshing not having that feeling. Brian handles it much better than I do, and even though he still had the stress of finishing his first semester of grad school-he is always 100% present for me and nave and totally game to do whatever. I love that about him. Here are a few random iphone pictures from our month.
^^walking into the mall & we saw this santa claus sitting on his bike on the curb (random) of course I wanted to see how Navy would react to him. She was absolutely terrified. 
^^We drove to the spanish fork lights. They have light displays that you drive around and look at. Navy reeeeeally loved it.
^^& one of my favorite traditions-christmas caroling with the fam!
 ^^we call this little get together christmas crafts with stef. We make crafts, eat yummy food & do a gift exchange. (we mostly just use it as an excuse to get together and chat.)
^^this little angel left my tree alone & never tried to pull off all the ornaments. (how did i get so lucky!?) i took one off to let her play with and couldn't resists snapping a picture. I love christmas jammies!
^^we spent a lot of time at the Dr's office with a double ear infection for this poor girl. This picture is my favorite because it basically shows how Navy was through it all--just happy like usual! 
^^this would be our cheeseball making group! (the rest of the boys were putting up christmas lights!) We made around 35ish to give to neighbors and friends as gifts.

Since we spent christmas with the Peterson's we decided to open up our gifts from my fam before we headed up for the break because we didn't want to have to pack them with us. So the night before we left we had a little pre-christmas. :)
^^Navy's gift from grandma & grandpa.
^^she was scared of her little lamb at first-but warmed up pretty quickly.
As always, we were spoiled. 

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  1. So much fun with family and friends, and shopping and wrapping! I love the picture of Navy with the ornament. Sums up the awesomeness of the whole Christmas season!