We spent 10 days with the Petersons for christmas. Everyone was home except for our missionary who has 2 months left-but we got go skype with him over christmas. It was pretty perfect-we didn't even let the weird stomach bug that everyone got put a damper on our week! 

& I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. :)
^^each couple was in charge of dinner one night. the first night we were all there Lisa was cooking, but had to pick up BJ & Amanda from the airport. They were running late so Bri & Cory to the rescue. They took over the kitchen and whipped up dinner real fast.
^^Nave & Coop checkin each other out.
^^Santa (grandpa gary) came for a visit one night & even brought treats. Navy was not pleased.
^^these two made our christmas with family amazing! so grateful for everything they do.
^^funny story behind this hat. Navy would sometimes wake up after an hour or two of being in bed (i blame it on not being in her own bed) a lot of times i'll get her out because she's always in such a good mood when she wakes up (weird.) This night i brought her upstairs where everyone was in the living room chatting & put this santa hat on her head. & she was just hamming it up for everyone.
^^navy getting into the hymns @ church.
^^Christmas dress!
We love K!
^^the girls went and got pedicures on christmas eve while the boys watched the babies. 
^^christmas eve pizzas!
our little angel for the nativity.
^^the peterson's don't mess around when it comes to gifts.
^^being adorable in the santa hat again
^christmas morning. Nave woke up at 7 am SHARP. (even though she always wakes up at 8:00 or later. i thought it was pretty perfect because that's the time we always woke up in my family as kids.
^^woke up to a white christmas-Nave loved it.
^^Nave's loot from santa.
^^the walker was a hit.
^^in heaven with his stance socks.
^^Brian and I have just decided to only do  stockings for each other on Christmas morning. well, turns out you can fit a lot of good stuff into a stocking. :)
^^christmas morning chaos. nothing better!
^^one of the best mornings with my little fam.
^^she wasn't even into the wrapping paper like most babies are.
^^skyping elder peterson-Navy stood up for the first time by herself for about 15 seconds. Everyone was clapping for her so she started clapping too. :)
^^I was seriously in HEAVEN with all this snow. it snowed all day and never stopped once. That's what i call a perfect christmas. Here we were on our way to Jim & Helens for Christmas dinner & games.
^^showing off her cute shirt that aunt McCall MADE. so lucky.
^^we had to.
^^We took Navy in to make sure her ear double ear infection was gone--and got the green light. But she hated the nurse and the doctor. 
Me, Bri, Mitch, Gary, Beej, Cory and Marissa at Solitude.
^^Navy LIVED here during christmas. It's the dog gate. She thought she was pretty cool stuff playing there all day everyday.

^^and if she wasn't at the dog gate-we were climbing up and down the stairs. :)
^^ BFFs with grandma by the end of the week!
^^walking home from church with my loves. and more snow.

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  1. More family, and fun, AND a white Christmas! I'm really trying not to be jealous now. :D