New Years

We went to Idaho for the JFBB like we do every year. We headed up New Years Eve--even though I had finally caught the stomach flu, that everyone else had experienced over christmas at the peterson's, that morning. I was feeling a little better by the afternoon & knew it would only last a little bit longer and didn't want it to ruin our plans--so we still decided to leave. Thankfully we had no accidents in the car, and I was feeling better by the time we made it to my grandparents.

We played games at my grandpa+grandmas and then played basketball the next morning (well the boys did.) Like I ALWAYS say--I always love a good idaho visit, even one as short as this one was!
^^the whole gang!

It was really good to finally come home and sleep in our own beds (navy would say the same) after being away for so long over christmas break! We took our christmas decorations down--filled the fridge and laid low for a couple of days before Brian had to head back to school. On Saturday night it was brian's turn to get the stomach flu--he felt better around the time we went to church (we have 1 PM church this year. the worst!) And then Navy got it on Wednesday, Brian was at school but thankfully my mom was down in Provo for the day and helped us out a little bit. Poor girl was soo miserable and just wanted to be held, or to sleep. Thankfully I knew what it was and didn't freak out to bad when she was puking up everything. And, as usual, it lasted about 12 hours and then she was good to go!
 It's always fun to ring in a new year (even if it's with the stomach flu) 2014 was the best year so far because of our little Nave & I have a feeling it will just keep getting better!

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  1. I love your family's traditions! Sorry you guys all got sick, but really glad it was only a 12 hour bug. It's a happy new year, now that you're all better!