january day to day.

^^playing with dad's dominoes.
^^this was the day little girlfriend caught the stomach flu that brian and i had--all she wanted to do was be held, which is very unusual for her.
^^& the day after her sickness!! feeling much better!
^^a lot of times brian and i will be sitting on the couch and navy feels left out--so she comes and sits on one of our laps. 
^^one of those rough sundays at church.
^^superbowl party--& grandpa jim let her have one of his famous oatmeal raisin cookies.
^^snapped this after getting her dressed one morning. she screams the whole time but is always really happy when it's over. :)
^^waiting for our lunch dates at kneaders.
^^her first cafe rio mint was a hit.
^^coloring with grandma!
^she is obsessed with mal.
^^we spend hours playing with toys in her room.
 ^^only way to distract her was playing outside on a particularly hard teething day.
 ^^she's into brushing her teeth when i do these days.
 ^^one of our many afternoon runs.
 ^^she just needed a snack.
 ^^exploring our neighborhood on an exceptionally warm january day.
^^i am probably wearing a hat 50% of the time, and navy always loves to take it off and put it on her.
^^dave came over for lunch!

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