12 months old Nave

A few things Nave does this month:

Noticed that she can see me through the mirror in the car & will wave to me the whole time we are driving .

+She also does a little dancing whenever I turn on music in the car, since she can't move much while strapped into her car seat, it mostly just ends up being a hilarious little head bob.

+Is a full on screamer. Screams when she's mad & happy. It's fun. 

+Stands up without holding onto anything &  claps and laughs while she's doing it because she knows it's pretty cool.

+Fell down the stairs a few times (not all the way down, only a few steps each time because she somehow caught herself). 

+Jumps up and down in her crib out of excitement when I come to get her after a nap.

+Gets soooo excited when dad gets home from work, one day we were sitting on the couch reading books when he walked in the door and she practically jumped out of my lap to crawl to him. 

+LOVES to talk on the phone (puts it up to her ear sometimes or just holds it in her hand & chatters if it's in speaker phone. She stares at me and laughs when I am on the phone --& occasionally screams and reaches for it because she wants to talk. She also loves to FaceTime & talks and talks and talks when we call grandma or Morg and Mal to say hi.

+Her latest thing is lifting her hand up to her ear like she's talking on the phone. She used to just do it when I would be on the phone, but now she does it ALL THE TIME, it's hilarious.

+Is still a teething monster (working on both her top two teeth and her one year molars) & is drugged up on Motrin & Tylenol most of the time (per doctors recommendation.)

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