navy girl and I had 5 days without Brian while he was in New York--I knew I probably wouldn't survive alone, so I did what I do best & packed our days with family & friends. & made sure we didn't have to spend any nights alone :)

The first night he was gone my college bffs came over for a little sleepover. We, of course, started the night with dinner at cafe rio. & then stayed up waaaaaay too late chatting, while all squeezing into my bed, like we used to when we were all roommates. navy gets way too much attention & lovin' when they are around. :) I'm so thankful for them.

Then we headed up to Heber to hang out with my fam for a few days. My sweet mom helped me make 4 dozen cinnamon rolls for navy's upcoming birthday party as well as a birthday cake. I'm handicapped when it comes to baking, so I need her right there to ask a million questions and basically hold my hand throughout the whole process. :) I was pretty proud of how those cinnamon rolls turned out. I can't say the same for the cake--but my mom saved the day. :)

Navy enjoyed spending time with mal, for some reason she is obsessed with her. And no one knows why :) & she got to spend the day with grandma while we all went snowboarding. I had never gone to the park city ski resort before and I am obsessed!! It was the perfect day with my siblings--we seriously had so much fun.
^^practicing being one. 
^^her side profile with that pop belly and diaper booty kills me. 
^^always the center of attention. She likes it that way. 
^^up way past her bedtime & being goofy.
^^normally she would not be happy with all of this stuff on her head, but since all had hats & goggles on to get ready to head up the mountain, she thought she was pretty cool when we put them on her.

^^church was HARD without Brian. it was stake conference for my parents ward--and they were all up on the stand singing in the choir so it was drew & I and navy. We picked bad seats (next to the wall so if I needed to get out I had to crawl all over everyone) & navy had found her vocal chords that week & screamed the whole time. She would scream out of happiness and scream to tell me she wanted something different. It was terrible. Between going in and out like 6 times, navy shaking her bag of treats all over everyone within three rows & her screaming when we would go out into the hall--I finally threw in the towel with about ten minutes left & let her play in the kitchen cupboards while i listened through the speakers (and tried not to cry) it was a valiant effort.
Our next stop was sandy on Monday morning while we waited for Brian's flight to get in that afternoon--we spent some time at grandpa jim's & nave fell in love with the mini rocking chair. (And had some more cookies.)
her older cousins are so nice to let her be up in their business all the time and play with her, she likes being one of the big kids!
Brian got off the plane later that afternoon sicker than i've ever seen him & literally spent the whole next day in bed and the next couple of days miserable. it wasn't ideal, but we were happy to have him back!

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