catching up with friends

We are so lucky to be blessed with so many great people in our life. Here are just a few fun get togethers we've had this month!

Holly and her little family were here from Alaska over Christmas. We've missed getting together the last few times they've been here so I hadn't seen her for 2 almost 3 years! (terrible) It was so great to catch up with her and see her little (all grown up) Aubree. 

Brian had some mission buddies come over for a visit. I like both of them so much! While they were there they somehow convinced Brian that he needed to visit their mission in NY with them the next week. Thanks to a buddy pass and somewhere free to stay while there we made it happen!
^^Nicolas was SO cute with Navy. Future Pediatrician right there. (but really, that's what he's going to school for)

Navy and I have some great little friends that are in our ward and live in our apt complex. Tiff & Louisa both have babies Navy's age--and we have fun getting together as often as we can so they can play and we can have some adult conversation in our day! This pictures is from when we went out to lunch for Louisa's birthday this month.

We got to head up to Ogden Canyon for a little weekend get away with my BFF's from high school and their husbands. Thankfully our husbands all get along really great, and we had a blast together. We mostly ate and played games--but it was just what the Doctor ordered. :)
^^navy and her future boyfriend. :)
^we played sequence for HOURS every night after we put the kiddos to bed. we're kind of obsessed.
^^love these two!

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