a weekend in Vegas

We headed to vegas over presidents day weekend with Lisa and Kirstin for K's soccer tournament. Those two are always a party--so we had a blast. We ate a lot, watched a lot of soccer and went and walked around the strip (mostly because brian had never been.) I had to show him the Bellagio Water show because it is my favorite. And we had to try out shake shack on the strip since everyone RAVES about it--and it's definitely overrated. I mean, it was fine--but nothing to write home about. ;) but it was still fun. My favorite thing we did was visit the Vegas Temple grounds after church on Sunday. It was so beautiful and the perfect weather. We had the greatest weekend & I'm thankful for an awesome mother in law who lets us tag along and puts up with us. :)
this girl slept a total of about 20 minutes the whole drive down. 

^^breakfast at the hotel. nave just chillin' with the soccer team.
^^this picture cracks me up. i was so worried her poor skin was going to get burned so i lathered on the sunscreen. her face was white most the day--and her hair was crusty. still cute.
^^sneaky sacrament meeting picture. grandma's are the best!

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