Welcome Home Greg!

The Peterson Family is back together at last. We are so thankful to have Greg home & loved an excuse to get together for the weekend. As always, the weekend was jam packed with activities & we had a blast. Navy is getting to the age where she loves being around other kids--her poor older cousins, she just wants to follow them around & steal their toys. :)

We started thursday night off at the airport to pick up Greg. Picking up a missionary after two years at the airport is still one of the coolest things ever--and this was no different. He was meeting 3 (out of the four) Nieces and nephews for the first time. I love the picture I caught of him meeting Nave.

We spent Friday snowboarding, and Saturday sledding. & then, of course, listened to Greg speak in Sacrament meeting on Sunday.
clearly, Nave was really in the picture taking mood. ;)
^^trying, and failing, to keep up with the boys!

She was killing me in her bibs.

^^couldn't resist snapping a picture of these three--she LOVES uncle Cory & aunt McCall!

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