February day to day.

I feel like all of my posts start with "this weekend we did this." Which makes it sound like I only blog about our weekends. :) these day to day pictures are little glimpses into our week. Brian's mostly at school and nave and I are mostly just chillin with each other. I love our days together.
^^i always find her in the funniest sleeping positions during naptime.
i about died of cuteness when this happened.
^^aaaand another. 
^^funny story behind this. so Navy always wants the food off of my plate, even if what's on my plate is exactly what she has on her plate. (i don't blame her, i remember always thinking my moms food looked better too.) So, more often than not, i sit in the corner of the kitchen and eat my breakfast/lunch where she can't see me. she figured it out one day--and thought it was pretty funny. until she realized i had a plate of food and wanted it. 
^^i finally caught her scowl on camera. (this is a lighter version) i don't know where it came from but she does it all the time now. this was when i told her she couldn't get out of the tub yet. 

^^she'll wear her hood, if i'll wear my hood.
^^i couldn't believe it when i turned around and saw her propped up there. 
^^45 minute baths for the win!
^^lately she has been quite the snuggler--which came completely out of nowhere, but i am loving it!

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  1. I just had me a Navy party looking through the last four posts! She is so much fun!