The Zoo

We spent the day at the Zoo with grandma Peterson & Nave's cute little cousins. I love an excuse to get out for the day. We struggled getting out the door. As we finished breakfast and I grabbed Navy to head out I noticed she had blood all over her shirt-i remembered she had fallen and knocked her teeth the night before and she was bleeding again since she had been chewing with them. SO-we ran upstair and changed her clothes and 20 minutes later we were off!

Once we got to Sandy, we hopped in the car with Lisa and headed to the zoo. Right as we pulled in Nave she threw up all over everything. Her shirt and pants were done for, and Lisa's brand new car seat was covered. We never really figured out what happened, either she ate too much for breakfast or got carsick (because she was sitting forward in grandma's carseat which she has never done before) because she was totally fine the rest of the day. Lisa saved the day and bought her some Zoo pj's (because of course i didn't pack another outfit.) So it was a rough start, but Nave had a blast being with her cousins. And I couldn't get over her walking around in those pj's. She couldn't have cared less about the animals, but loved walking around. We also tried the carousel, which I thought she would love, but she screamed the whole time. Maybe next time. :)

wagon ride + snacks=pampered. :)
so i guess we did get at least one smile on the carousel.
you know it's a good day when you can't stay awake another minute.

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  1. Grandmas are awesome! What a smart idea about getting zoo pj's, which are very cute, as well as being an outfit lifesaver.