Shopping with my girl

Girlfriend and I were loving the early warm weather utah was having in March. You try not to get too excited, because you know it will snow once or twice before the warmth is actually there to stay, but we made lots of park visits, and a few visits to our favorite outdoor shopping place. I love coming here because Nave loves to run free, and part of the mall has roof, so it keeps it a little warmer if it's not warm enough (but still makes you feel like you're outside.) We usually make a trip any time I need a gift, or the baby stores are having a sale (of course.) :) My wallet doesn't love it, but it always keeps us happy. This day was especially good.  

^^she used to make this face every time i pulled out the camera. 
^^that little accidental thumbs up kills me. 
^^teething woes. 
^^but as terrible as teething is at our house, those teeth are sure cute!

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  1. Such cute toofers, and the thumbs up, accidental or not, is delightful!