March day to day.

^^watching a snow storm. 
^^this girl loves hats.

first time bowling. :) she was INTO it.
I really want her to like the water this summer (since i plan on living at the pool) so i've been trying to take her to the indoor pool at least once a week. she mostly stands and waves at people, but she loves being there-even if it's just for the social reasons. :)
^^a really awful teething day calls for as many fruit snacks + shows as you want. and apples are the only thing i've found to help with the pain (well, besides drugs) :)
getting some VITAMIN D. 
^^i went out with my girlfriends and Nave got to hangout with the guys. 
Some days you just need to go out to lunch. We love when grandma comes to town to take us out!
^^cheering on the bball boys with grandpa. 
breakfast date at einstein bagels after my early my early morning run.
doing what she does best. (she's actually never done this to the toilet paper since.)

^^her sleeping positions kill me.
First time she's every colored & she knew exactly what she was doing. smarty pants.
^^Jazz game.
Girlfriend DOES NOT fall asleep in church. (even though we have church right during nap time ands he is exhausted) I'm not sure how i won the battle this day, but of course it had to be documented.

Swimming for FHE.
^^she's my favorite running buddy. chats with me the whole way.
^^nothing like a baby in jammies.
^^cute thumb sucker.
^^someone LOVES popcorn.
^^and another crazy sleeping position.

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