We got to spend a little time with both families over easter/conference weekend. We alternate between bri's family and mine for holidays, as well as general conference. Well, this year it was my family's turn to have us for Easter, but it just so happened that we had done general conference with my family in the fall, so it was Bri's family's turn. We just decided to split it up a little to get some time with both (since it's only a 40 minute drive from their houses--we consider ourselves pretty lucky!) So we headed up to Heber on friday when Trae, Lis & the kiddos came in. Our whole fam was there for the weekend except for Matt, so as always, it was a party.
^^these two are going to be BFF's someday.
^a wild game of twister.
^just practicing our easter egg hunting. (those are fake eggs that my mom puts in that basket for decoration, and nave carried them around all weekend.)
^^snuggling with her daddy.

We headed up to Sandy on Saturday so Brian could catch the Priesthood session with his dad and brothers. When we got there it was time to dye some easter eggs. Nave had a blast (and made a mess) She mostly like plopping them (not softly, might i add) into the dye. 
^^Grandma always lets her watch videos of the grandkids that we send her (so lots of herself) and she LOVES it. 
^^and uncle Cory always lets her listen to music on his phone. She was so tired and snuggled with him like this for quite a while.

We drove back to Heber Saturday night to spend Easter Sunday at my house. We had a relaxing day watching conference & as always my mom prepared the most amazing feast. 
^^snuggling with her favorite guy AGAIN during conference. 
^^she was lovin her new outfit + bunny ears from grandma.
^^belly full of caaaandy.

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