Spring Lovin.

We are loving that the semester is over for Bri. He doesn't have to take any classes this semester so he is a little bit more flexible since he just has to work on his research and writing his thesis-sometimes we can talk him into staying home in the mornings and going to school later. :) we are enjoying our time together until his internship starts and we never see him. 

We decided to go through the new Payson Temple Open house. It was seriously SO beautiful. And i loved taking Navy through. The Provo temple is pretty crowded, so we plan on visiting this one quite a bit once it's open! We met Mitch and Kels to go through with and then had lunch after. Such a good way to spend our morning!
^you gotta love the pictures they take FOR you and email to you.

After her nap Nave and I headed to Thanksgiving Point to go see the Tulip Festival with my activity day girls. She LOVED walking around-and every once in a while barreling into the tulips. (oops) She also got her first bloody nose landing face first on the sidewalk- and it was quite the doozy. Of course i didn't remember to get a group picture of all my girls. 

Before bed we went and visited grandma at her hotel since she was down in provo for youth conference. All in all, a really good day! We could get used to this summer stuff. 

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