April day to day.

^^grandma & mal come by on tuesday nights after mal's violin lessons, Mal is nave's all time favorite person, so she loves it.

^^This was Nave's get up while eating breakfast at grandma & grandpa coltrin's while we were in idaho.
^^we love marg.
 ^^cutest girl at prom.
 ^^rainy family date night--nave loves holding the umbrella.
^Ping Pong for FHE. & sometimes you have to hold your baby while doing it. (he still beat me)

^^creeping in on these two playing on sunday morning while I sleep in. they are so cute.

I love a good 'i just woke up' face. 

playing at the park.

^^The pool we swim at is only a mile or so from our house-so we usually walk there, but sometimes nave doesn't make it home before she falls asleep, I took advantage this time and laid outside till she woke up.
^no caption needed.

Ruby loves navy, but nave isn't too sure about it.

^^ sick baby.
 checking out the rain. it rained basically all through may.
 ^^bath time basketball.
 oh the joy a ball can bring!
 ^^she loves the railing at our apt.

 ^^"don't bug me mom, i'm watching a show."

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