Wedding Weekend.

Greg and Marissa finally tied the knot the beginning of June. We were really looking forward to the wedding, because it meant getting together with the whole family for a couple of days. Nave and I actually spent most of the week up in Sandy to hang out with Amanda and Coop--since they flew in on Tuesday.

^^mini baby shower for Amanda!
^^grandma's house is the best. you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, WHEREver you want!
^^four little cousins in the tub!
^^one night i put nave down to be and she screamed and screamed. i finally gave in and brought her upstairs, and apparently she was hungry? she ate and ate and ate, and then was ready for bed. #badmom

The wedding was friday at noon, followed by the reception that night. Nave didn't do so hot during pictures--and only wanted to play on the stairs at the temple (surprise, surprise.) We hurried home for a quick nap and then headed over for the reception. It was from 7-9, so as you can imagine--Nave was TIRED. and pretty grumpy. Thankfully all went well during the few pictures we had to take at the beginning, and for the rest of the night we just followed her around and let her do her thing. It was kind of the first night I realized how hard it is to have a toddler. She's all of a sudden miss independent, and will walk away from me (which she never did before) & you just have to keep an eye on her 24/7. It's pretty exhausting. Brian was pretty busy catching up with old friends and people he knew (i don't blame him) so I got to babysit/try to keep her from freaking out. She had a major melt down eventually and of course bri was the only one that could calm her down--what in the world would I do without that guy?!? BUT then the dancing started--and all was right in the world again. She LOVED it.

I couldn't not add these jumping pictures of the boys.

^^made it to the top! so proud of herself!

Reception time!
^^pre-reception snack and a bump on the head!
more stairs.....

^^daddy snuggles post tantrum.
^^these poor boys have a little shadow.
Neices & nephews!

Next morning we woke up and headed to Lagoon for the day. We tried a few rides with Navy, but she was not loving it. So after about 3 we called it quits and just hung out. Thankfully she fell asleep in her stroller later that evening, so bri & I were able to go on all of the fun rides while she stayed with grandma. It was such a fun day that wore us right out.

^^post wedding exhaustion. she did NOT want to wake up.
^^she liked sitting in the boat, but as soon as it started moving she was terrified.
love/hate relationship with the carousel.
^^suprisingly she didn't hate the roller coaster that i thought was maybe a little too fast for her.
^^lagoon-a-beach with dad.

^you know she's tired when you can get her to fall asleep during church.
nave loves aunt K!
SO cheesy. it was the best weekend!

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