Peterson Family Reunion.

We spent the weekend at a fabulous lodge up in the mountains by Brian Head. Bri couldn't come up for the reunion until late wednesday night because of work, so Nave and I went up with my in-laws so we could be there for the whole week. (thank goodness they are the greatest and helped me/took great care of us.)

The whole week was so fun, but the highlights would probably be; our visit to the cedar breaks lookout, our awesome razor ride (we each got our own and drove as fast as we could on the mountain trails--the view at the top was amazing), the last night we were there we played a killer family volleyball game until we were forced to quite because it was dark, and lastly navy's TRIP to the ER for some stitches. (more about that below)

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
nave got lots of grandma time, which she loved.

^^we walked up to watch the sunset most evenings. 

Cedar Breaks!
^^Nave loves aunt K! (she was a lifesaver that week, playing/entertaining Navy basically nonstop-we love her!)
^^morning hike with grandpa.
^^early morning deer spotting.
^^throwing rocks with rhett.

^^walking and reading.
^^we had a pretty amazing view from our cabin!
^this was nave's favorite spot to play all week. mini stairs.
The whole clan!

Now for the stitches story. Saturday Bri and I were playing a board game inside--so Navy went with Cory, Mccall and Grandma Lisa outside where everybody else was. Of course her hands were full (she also has to be carrying around a few things while she's walking) and she tripped on the rocks out in the driveway and landed right on her face. (can't catch yourself when your busy holding on for dear life to your water bottle. They thought she was totally fine (because she falls like that at least 3 or 4 times a day) but as soon as they picked her up the blood was EVERYWHERE. After mitch helped us get her all cleaned up, he told us he thought she could use some stitches-so we jumped in Cory's truck while he booked it down the mountain and we were at the Cedar City ER about 40 minutes later. She was pretty miserable while we were getting her all cleaned up and on the way down the mountain (i just think she couldn't calm down and was probably in a little bit of pain-but to top it off I wouldn't let her suck her thumb because that was right where the cut was) but 9 stitches later and she was a happy camper. 
^^This is just a picture of what the rocks were like that she fell on.

^^she finally fell asleep on the way to the hospital.
^^while we were waiting for the doctor to come in to stitch her up-she was pretty  happy.
^^getting stitched up. they had to wrap her arms and legs up and needed brian's help to hold her still. it was pretty miserable watching her scream and cry through the whole thing-but mostly i was amazing that that doctor was able to get the stitches in at all.

^^right after--she needed a lot of cuddles from mom after that traumatic experience.
^^But pretty soon she was good as new!
^^my favorite thing was that her mouth was numb so she wouldn't smile at me. 
^^on the drive back up to the canyon--good as new!

She really was such a champ--after the stitches were all in you would have had no idea she had them, she acted totally find and must not have been in a lot of pain. Such a tough girl!

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