June day to day.

^^get together with all the old bishopric members+wives before everyone moves away.
^^just pulling her weight around here. 
lots of pool days.

^^running buddy.
^^first ponytail!
^^just checking out some bugs.
^^helping greg & marissa move in.
^^her falling asleep on me will never get old.
hanging out with the discoll's during our visit to idaho!

^^we love living close to dave!
^^the peterson post-meal lean back.
somebody crashed date night & loves cafe rio!
^^acai for date night dessert!

^^sunday nap with daddy.

between grandma, grandpa and her aunts + uncles she always gets hooked up with whatever treats she wants at grandma's house.
Fathers day 2015.
^^showing me where her "owww" is.

waiting for our car to get serviced--i love that i have a little buddy to keep me company everywhere i go.

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