4 years.

Happy four years to us! We dropped nave off at Bri's parents and spent the night celebrating with dinner and a movie. (might sound lame, but we LOVE movies--and don't go very often anymore, so we loved it.)

Brian surprised me with reservations at The Roof for dinner. I'd never been before and have always wanted to go, I loved it. The food was amazing and the view was even better. Oh, and it also helped that there was a bouquet of roses sitting at my seat when I got there. :)

We decided not to give each other gifts. So when Brian got me some birkenstocks i'd been wanting (for my pregnant feet) I was pretty surprised. (it's pretty hard to surprise me) after I got over being mad (well mostly feeling bad because I didn't get him anything) I was pretty excited. He's too good to me.
^^i love when you ask people to take a picture of you and they do a horrible job. (ha, like not getting the whole temple in it??? & excuse the poor lighting) i guess i should just be grateful. :)

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