Jones Family Reunion 2015.

We had the best time with the Jones family this weekend. Get togethers with EVERYBODY there are starting to become a less regular thing these days--so i'm glad my mom set aside a weekend a few months ago to do a family reunion, that we'll try to do annually from now on.

I had been telling Nave all day that the girls were going to be coming to play--I still can't believe how excited she was to see them. She especially loved following Janey around everywhere she went.

We spent the first day Hiking up to Timpanogos Caves and doing the tour through them--followed by a picnic at the park in the canyon and then the babies went to take a nap with the grandparents while there rest of us floated down the provo river.

The hike was a little harder than i remember it being (hello 25 weeks pregnant) let's just say i'm not in quite as good of shape as I would like to be. Navy had a hard time staying in the backpack the whole time--she just wanted to walk by herself. (she thinks she's way older than she actually is) but we made it and had a good time.

Floating down the river was a blast. We were basically the only ones on the river and it was the perfect temperature.

 ^^we all took a power nap waiting for lunch, good thing the grandbabies were there to hold down the fort.

 i went downstairs after dinner and saw that the girls had made themselves a homemade slide.

Friday we headed up to the Heber Valley Camp. We stayed over one night and did a few of their challenge courses and the zip line on friday. Friday night we had a little family talent show and hung around the fire. And on Saturday we got to go spend an hour or so out on the canoes on the lake--which was probably our favorite part. We spent a lot of time playing cornhole--and didn't have cell phone service, so it was a nice little break from the world. Nave was a champion camper--she loves being outside and really loves her little cousins.

^^family talent show.

we played to navy's strength's and sang/did the actions to 'popcorn popping' and if 'you're happy and you know it'--she LOVED doing it for everyone. (horrible pictures, but i never want to forget how cute she was.)

 ^^grandma & grandpa trying out Dave's acai.
it's always the worst saying goodbye! idaho is too far away!

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  1. Love, love, love the shirts, especially the numbers on the back! I was very impressed that both you and Brian carried babies up to the cave. That hike isn't easy. Way to go!