July day to day.

 checking out the local farmers market!

some sunday evening fun at my parent's house in Heber.

we visit the pool even when it's overcast & rainy!

^working in the food truck.

 ^^cutest shopper.
 saturday night with the fam + acai!

^^selling acai at the farmers market.

a day on the lake.

sunday night.

nave and i went with my mom to visit drew in scottsdale to help him get settled into his new home. below are a few pictures from that trip.
^^this one kills me--she loves to brush her teeth. (and a very large 20 week baby bump!)
we spent hours and hours shopping at furniture stores-nave was a trooper.
^^nave found uncle drew's hats and made herself at home and strutted her stuff while wearing them.

we spent the rest of the week with Aunt Kirstin while my in laws were out of town. We watched a lot of soccer games and Navy did a lot of sleeping in the car while I drove her everywhere she needed to be.
^a little family home evening swim.
 ^^post swim snuggles.
^^woke her up way too early.
^girl loves shoes.
^^shopping & this was her position of choice.
^^a guy gave her that puppy after we spent close to 8 hours at a furniture store (while we were in phoenix) she carried it around EVERYWHERE for a couple of weeks afterward. 

best cheerleader.

 we spent a day at the museum with Rayce.

 ^^18 month dr appointment. (this was clearly before the doctor came in)
 ^^just drying off.
 riding the carousel at the zoo. she didn't mind it while i was on with her-but freaked out when i left.
 too funny.
^^living the life. Nave all of a sudden (after 6 months) likes milk--she would never drink it after i stopped nursing her. nothing like relaxin with your dad and some milk.

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