Last Semester of School.

Today was Brian's last-first day of school! hallelujah. Even though i've been done with school for a while, since Brian has still been going we have still very much been living the student life. (which i honestly don't mind and i'm sure i will miss once it's over.) He still has a Thesis to write, as well as an article to get published before it's all official--but we're planning on being done in December. (and yes, everything will be happening right around the time baby girl will be coming-great planning on our part!) :)

Nave and I went to campus to visit + take him some lunch. She was so cute holding onto his lunch the whole drive there and was so excited to see her dad.

we ended the day with a walk to get some papusas. (probably the place we'll miss most about provo when we move in 3 weeks!)

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