August day to day.

grandma's are the best-they let you do whatever you want. :)
snacks + the pool. living the dream.
just another regular visit for some acai.
sunday night walks.
^^this is what about 5 pm everyday looks like. trying to keep her entertained on the kitchen floor while i make dinner. 

^^grandma Lisa took us out to lunch & nave was really happy about that cookie with sprinkles.

^^like is said, grandma's let you do whatever you want. :)
^^staying entertained at costco.
 ^^couldn't resist snapping this sneaky prayer picture.
 ^^nave grew some molars this month & we had a few rough teething days. she fell back asleep in my bed one morning after being awake and crying for an hour or so. i had to document it because she hasn't fallen asleep in there since she was a baby.
^^sometimes the only time she'll hold still and let you hold her is if you offer to read her a book. 
^^another evening walk.
^^she is obsessed with this stool. she carries it around everywhere and somehow convinced me to let her sit on it ON TOP of the couch.
^^had to document her first kids meal--she gobbled it right up!
^LOVES to put on mama's shoes.
^^sunday night popcorn.
^loves to put on and take off hats (over and over again.)
^^speaking of hats. :) this was a weekday morning that Brian didn't have to leave at the crack of dawn. Nave was SO excited that he was home when she woke up. We had breakfast together and then she cried and cried when he left to go to school. 
^^cutest freshly bathed babe!
^^we took the train up to salt lake one saturday & she loved it. (she thought she was so big sitting in her own seat.)
^^story of my life--always begging for food while i'm trying to make a meal. she loves cheese.
^^love this girl of mine!

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  1. Grandmas are the BEST!! I think my favorite picture was her sitting in the train seat, looking out the window. She suddenly seemed so grown up. What a cutie!