Marg's Wedding.

One of my college bff's got married in the Portland temple--We decided we were too poor to fly both of us out there for the sealing, so I ended up leaving Nave with Bri (and my mom!) and we made a little girls trip out of it. It was quick--but it was fun!

Of course we were flying standby (cheapos) and the flights looked good all the way up until the night before. Somehow we missed the memo that Utah was playing Oregon IN OREGON that weekend, so all of the flights were totally full. So we ended up flying to Seattle and then driving to Portland so we wouldn't miss the wedding. We stayed with Allie's parents and they're the greatest hosts! It was a perfect weekend.

We got in laaaaate thursday night & spent the day at the coast on Friday. Canon beach was gorgeous. I'd only been to the beach in Oregon once before, and it was late at night, so it was completely dark and I didn't really get the experience. We spent the second half of the day at the Tillamook cheese factory. That ice cream is to die for.
^^some clam chowder from MO's that was right on the beach.
^^I dream about this cone.

Saturday was spent doing all the wedding things. We went to the sealing in the morning, went to downtown portland for lunch (I had the most amazing macaroni and cheese of my life) and then we headed to the reception.
^^love my margy and am soo happy for her.
^^oh, and we kinda like garrett too.

On the way to the airport Thursday afternoon Nave started throwing up in the car. (she puked like three times from our house to the airport) She was spending thursday night and friday with my mom so that Brian could stay on campus all day Friday. I felt soon bad leaving her, but of course my mom told me not to worry about it. (she's so great) turns out that besides the throwing up part (she threw up just one more time that night) she was totally fine. She didn't act sick at all and was a perfect little angel. Of course if it wasn't for my mom I would have been a complete mess because I had never been away from  her for longer than a night-let alone when she's sick. But I seriously didn't worry one bit. Thank goodness for moms! 

She spent the rest of the weekend with her daddy + the whole peterson clan who was in town. They went to the circus friday night & dad bought her a ridiculously over priced elephant. (spoiled girl)

She was excited to see me when she got home, but I could tell she didn't really miss me too much.

These are a few of the pictures bri sent me.
^^on their way to the circus. those teeth kill me.

^^showing me her stuffed elephant.
^^circus selfie! i'm so glad bri is the dad to our girl (soon to be girls) he's so great and just like with my mom i don't worry for a second when she's with him because he takes such great care of her. i'm a lucky lady!

I flew home Sunday morning just in time to catch BJ and Amanda for a few hours and be able to snuggle my newest niece Kate.

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