September day to day.

Our fire alarm started going off really early one morning and wouldn't stop. (like 6 am early.)  It would go off for a couple of minutes every 5 minutes or so. We couldn't get ahold of the maintenance guy and the office to our apartment doesn't open till 8. Sleep obviously was out of the question & Brian had to head to school So Nave and I headed to Denny's for breakfast. Thankfully it was all taken care of by the time we got home.
^^and so it begins. & i'm not even mad.
^she loves taking selfies with me.
^^i drive all over the parking lot at smiths until i find this cart because nave LOVES it & it keeps her entertained the whole time we shop.
^^sold our couch and the air mattress was our living room seating for about a week. she thought she was pretty clever when she put her stool up there to sit on.
^^super into her pockets these days. i think it's hilarious.
^^nothing like a chipper post-nap baby. (i can call her a baby until the new baby comes, right?)
^^she LOVES to kick the soccer ball back and forth. this is what we do while we watch daddy's soccer games.
^^nusery. nave still has a hard time going without mom and dad. this was the nursery in my home ward, so i didn't even try to leave her since she didn't know anybody. she sure has a great time as long as she can look over and see that i'm there.
^^coloring with ave.
^^my favorite cheesy smile. i've been trying to capture it on camera for a while. 
^^grocery helper.
 ^^just helping me shop for a bridal shower gift for my best friend--yes those are underwear around her neck.
 ^^she loves uncle greg and aunt "issa" (marissa)
^^we sent snapchats/pictures to daddy all day. so that he misses us. :)
^^she asks to sit up on the toilet almost daily. it's too soon!
^^fell asleep during lunch. first time she's ever done that.
^^her two favorite people.
^^walking home from church with grandma peterson.
^^trying to take advantage of our last few days at the park. (this park is in our new neighborhood & we LOVE IT!)
^^shopping. if i let this girl get out of her stroller she walks around grabbing clothes to carry around--while chatting up a storm, of course.

^^at least she carries the bags.
^^digging in at Ruby's first birthday party!

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