We Moved!

I know, i know--moving isn't really that big of a deal. BUT this one kind of is because we moved out of provo! I still can't really believe it. Provo has been my home for the last 7 years (Brian too!) So it was a pretty big deal.

We really loved our where we were living, but were just growing out of our place pretty quickly (apartments have ZERO STORAGE WHATSOEVER!!) I just felt like there weren't places to put things anymore (and I am the opposite of a pack-rat, i don't keep anything we don't need) and it was killing my OCD self to not have everything AWAY somewhere. Brian felt the same way, so we knew it was time to upgrade before we added another little person and unpacked all our baby gear again. SO, since Brian will be done with school in December--and has already accepted a job offer and will be working in Draper, I started looking around for a place to live a couple of months ago. I decided that rather than move in November/December (when i'm very pregnant/in the middle of the holidays) it would be nice to be settled before that. So the plan was to find somewhere and move and be all settled in before baby comes. An opportunity kind of just fell into our laps when we were looking and we are living in a beautiful town house that is just minutes away from where Brian's office will be. It really couldn't have worked out perfectly. So we moved here the end of september and are already all settled in and nesting is in full force over here. We love it already and are excited to be here for a while. :)

Of course I was worried about how Nave would be with moving. You just get sad that they have to leave the only home that they've every known, and I was worried she would be confused when we were packing everything up. But, in true Navy fashion, she really couldn't have cared less. She was a champ through the whole packing process. I mean, she literally entertained herself all day while I packed--and was totally fine just doing her thing as long as she was in the same room as me. And she has completely loved our new place. We even put her in a big bed the first night here (since we need the crib for new baby soon) and she has LOVED it. She sleeps the same, if not better in her "big girl bed." And even though the crib is in the other room, she hasn't even looked at it really. We really got lucky with that girl. 

^^she did a LOT of this all week.
^^wrapping furniture is the worst!
^^we ate pretty awful the couple of days we were in the process of moving-since the whole kitchen was packed up. pretty sure this was dinner for nave the day we moved. i'm such a good mom. 

Of course I made Bri take a few pictures just as we were leaving. Ignore the moving all day nastiness. :) we look rough.
^^I realized i was 30 weeks the day we moved, so this picture was kind of funny to me. :)

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  1. It IS a big deal, but so glad it all came together perfectly and that you are settling in.