20 month old Nave.

this girl--i don't even know what to say about her. she is so fun (and so hard) at this stage. :) i blame most of the hard stuff on teething. it takes foreeeeever for her to get just one tooth in, and currently she's been working on her molars (has been for about 2 months now and they're still not all here!) she's just a little bit grouchier/more prone to throw tantrums when she's having a bad teething day--and then magically there will be a day (or a whole week!) that her gums aren't swollen for once and she's a perfect little angel. it's crazy.

she's finally started saying real words and will repeat a lot of the stuff i say. and says a few phrases here and there. (leave it to her to start her talking in phrases rather than just single words--i'm not even surprised.) i'm just waiting for the day that i can understand the full sentences she is saying.

she's little miss independent and loves to do everything herself. she's also the BEST helper. (ha, so all of my jobs take a million times longer than they should...) she especially loves helping with laundry, you know, unfolding all of the clothes i've just folded and put into baskets. ha, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

she still has no idea that her world is going to be rocked with a new baby in the house in 2 months, so i'm just over here praying that she'll adjust okay.

we spend our days together without bri. he leaves before she wakes up and doesn't get home until long after she's gone to bed. i thought it would be a lot harder than it has been (granted, some days are a lot harder than others) but for the most part i've been loving my time with her--and am trying to soak up every last second until our one on one time will be split in half. she spends a lot her her day asking for "daddy?" and i tell her over and over again that he's gone. sometimes i'll keep her up late enough to see him when he gets home. and they wrestle and get a whole day of playing in, in ten minutes. she sure loves that guy.

the other day our netflix wasn't working--so instead of watching daniel tiger (our usual) i popped in the one kid movie we own-frozen. & she has been obsessed with it ever since. we only watched it that one time but she has listened to the music over and over. she asks for "let goo." (in a singing voice) a million times a day and every time we get in the car. it's adorable how much she likes it. (and kind of crazy)

another thing that kills me about her is how not messy she is. does that make sense? sure, she is a toddler and pulls stuff out-but 75% of the time (unless she gets distracted) she'll put everything back in the drawer that she just pulled out and close it before she moves on to something else. she loves the drawer in my kitchen with all the dish towels/hot pads-she pulls them all out but then puts them back in. (I've never had to do it.) another example is the other day she as walking around the house with her toothbrush & toothpaste (that she had gotten out of the drawer herself) --i was busy doing something so i remember thinking 'i'll have to remember tonight that that's somewhere when it's time to brush her teeth'--but what do you know, that night when it was time to brush her teeth it was right in the drawer where she got it. she kills me.

i snapped these pictures of her on sunday when we went out for a little walk. her little strut KILLS me. (she thinks she's pretty dang cool in those boots) and she loves to stop and pose for pictures lately.

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  1. Such a cutie! 20 months is such a great age. I hope her teeth finish coming in quickly. That is no fun for either one of you.