Family+Maternity Pictures.

I really wanted to take a few pictures to document our family of three before we became a family of four. Even though I totally knew life was just going to get better with a new little babe joining our family, I was having a hard time letting go of our stage of life. Everything was just so fun with just the three of us, and I was scared that I was really going to miss being a family of three. ( but of course, now that shay is here I can't imagine life without her--isn't it funny how that works?!)
Morgan's best friend Alyssa took these of us and we literally only had about 10 minutes with Brian (he had a tee time to make it too, of course) and then she snapped a few maternity ones of me really quick after he left. I wasn't planning on doing any of just me and Navy, but she took a few really quick and i'm SO glad she did.

^^she snapped this of us walking back to the car. love this little buddy of mine.

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  1. Look at you all pregnant. How nice to have that sweet little baby on the outside now.