The Pumpkin Patch.

We went to cornbelly's a few times this fall because it's AWESOME. & I also bough some pumpkins at the grocery store (I know, super lame) for our front porch. SO I wanted to take Nave to an actual pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin and then paint it later in the week. We never actually got around to the painting part because I discovered she'd be just as happy carrying her little pumpkin around the whole house (she did it all day everyday) as she would painting it--and that's much less messy. #momoftheyear

I pull out my actual camera every so often & was glad I did this day. Most of her REAL smiles are because there was a cat walking around that she loved. (a really gross cat. ha) The other ones you can tell that her smile is totally forced because I'm behind the camera asking her to say cheese. 

We met grandma peterson and aunt Kirst at the pumpkin patch, because of course brian was at school until super late. (but I didn't get any pictures with them!)

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  1. Finally getting back to the blogs! What a treat!