We decided to take advantage of the last couple of weeks with just our Navy girl before the baby comes and tried to do family date nights on the weekends. (I had a hard time leaving her with a babysitter and just going out with Brian since I knew it wouldn't be just the three of us for much longer and I wanted to soak up every second!) We spent a fun night with just the three of us at Cornbelly's. (best part about fall in Utah.)

^^dinner at one of our favorite burger places before cornbellys. She LOVES when Brian hangs out with us since we don't see him often enough this semester. boo school. I couldn't get over how cute the two of them were sitting by each other and snapped this gem. oh how i love that little smile.

^^not sure who had more fun in the 'you can only turn right' cornmaze. :)
^^the cornbox was a big hit.
^^selfie on the hayride! we kept navy up way past her bedtime because there was so much to do there, and we didn't have time to do close to all of it before we left. but we sure tried.

We got bounce back passes and Bri and I headed back the next week for a date night.
^^we love miniature golf! (even if he dominates me ever since he became a golfer)
^^soccer ball billiards. so fun-we decided we'll have this game in our backyard someday.
^^you have to take a picture on the gigantic rocking chair. 

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  1. I have never heard of Cornbelly's. Looks fabulously fun! (I need to get a picture of myself with that ginormous cow.)