BYU Football.

We somehow got to go to quite a few BYU home games this year without buying a single ticket. between my dad's season tickets and then different people offering us tickets--I think Bri was able to go to every single home game & Navy and I went with him a few different times. I wasn't super thrilled about the idea of sitting on bleachers for 4+ hours while 30+ weeks pregnant, so I went to every game where we had tickets in the sections with seats (with actual back rests) and then for one of the games we rented a chair for me to sit on. (high maintenance much? ha) I love to be able to go with Bri because he LOVES byu football so dang much. So it's fun to experience it with him. & some people may think we are crazy for taking our 1 year old, but she was a gem both times. As long as we had enough snacks and she would stay pretty entertained. 

^^after the boise state game. he was so excited.

Bri was in charge of date night & this was his date of choice. He even treated me to some hot cocoa. :)

The two games we took Navy to were PERFECT football weather. We were so lucky.
She spent a lot of time on dad's shoulders.

ummmm sooo pretty.
^^so this was the time we took her to a late game (it started at 8 pm!) and this was as we were walking out, she was a little tired. :) 

thanks goodness for uncle dave sharing all of his treats! This little lady sure loves her uncles, and thank goodness because she has a LOT of them.

^^her favorite part was singing the fight song after each touchdown.

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  1. So much fun to be at the games! You and Navy were troopers.