Grad School.

This semester has been a little bit rough on all of us.  Bri is finishing his last semester of grad school, he's a TA as well as an RA which doing that plus taking classes fills his days up already PLUS he's trying to finish his thesis by December. Which means he has to stay on campus for basically as long as he can everyday. & Since we moved 30 minutes away from Provo he isn't able to run home for dinner real quick and then head back to campus like he could before. So most days that means Navy doesn't see him, since he leaves before she wakes up and gets home after she's already gone to bed. Some days I don't even see him.

Even though it's been tough, it's been good for me and Nave's relationship. It's just her and I so I have to make sure we fill our days so i'm not completely going crazy by the end of the day. Which means we do lots of fun things. Like go out to lunch a little more than we should. :)

I try to make sure Nave and I go down once a week to have lunch or dinner with Bri. Usually on mondays so it can some-what feel like a family night. And thankfully my Dr is in Provo, so every time I have a dr appointment we usually can squeeze in a little visit. (if he's not too busy)

these are just a few of the pictures i've snapped on a few of our lunch/dinner dates.
hanging out in dad's (tiny!) office.
^^walking around this building with my little person was sort of crazy since I remember taking one of my first of many classes here as a freshman. time flies!

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  1. Eek! I remember taking classes in this building. Time really does fly.