We spent halloween in Heber with my family at their ward party. They had a yummy dinner and an awesome hay ride--then trunk or treating. In my opinion that's the best way to trick or treat with a toddler, it only lasts 25-20 minutes and you don't have to walk too far. :) 

I had two cute little costumes for Nave that I couldn't decide between. So, she wore the owl one to a ward party and then was a cute duck for halloween.

^^I'm clearly totally biased-but was there every a cuter little duck?
^she LOVED the bouncy hayride.

^^i had to document Mal and her BFF Carlee's face paint because Nave was TERRIFIED of them. Which was so sad since Mal is normally her favorite person on the planet.

^^clinging onto Matt for dear life every time she caught a glimpse at Mal.

^she got the hang of it pretty quickly. :)

After trunk or treating we raced back to Salt Lake to trick or treat at Bri's grantparents house and then Headed to the Petersons for some donuts & to trick or treat around the neighborhood.
^grandma lisa and navy. :)

But Nave's favorite part about Halloween was the little pumpkin we got her. She carried that thing around EVERYWHERE. & wanted to play our on the front porch any chance she got to carry the little pumpkin up and down the stairs. In fact, we didn't paint pumpkins like I had originally planned because I knew she'd rather just carry them around instead. :) So easy to please.

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  1. Cutest. Duck. Ever. And that picture with her and Lisa in costume? Love it!